Feel the Fear feature

Public Speaking: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

I have recently bought a motorhome. The fear of driving it for…
Let the women speak feature

Let the Women Speak

We have a new Prime Minister – the third UK female prime minister.…
Voice of a woman feature

The Voice of a Woman

One of the best news stories of the year so far, was the return…

For Leaders in Lockdown: Arnie shows how to deliver a script

If you haven’t seen this Arnie movie I recommend it right now.…

Boris at his best

Boris Johnson is a Prime Minister under huge pressure, yet he…
party conference speeches

Party conference speeches and the power of the pause

Party conference speeches from the party leaders are the big…
Fake Outrage

Fake Outrage – Simples!

Fake outrage has had a great outing in the last week. The Prime…
olivia colman

Olivia Colman Snivels in Front of 30m TV Audience

Olivia Colman is a wonderful actress, I have huge respect for…

Metaphors for Persuasion

Metaphors are one of those things: the more you learn about them…
The art of oratory

The Art of Oratory and the Attorney General

The art of oratory is an old-fashioned way of describing the…