not answering the question Theresa May

Not answering the question is not the way to do it

Not answering the question in a media interview is never a good…
How to survive a TV debate, David Cameron

How to survive a TV debate 1: Cameron the smooth

Those wanting to study how to survive a TV debate could do a…
crisis communication lesson for david cameron

Cameron’s Crisis Communication Lesson

Many a good crisis communication lesson is never shared, or the…
Hilary Benn s Impassioned Speech Ahead Of Syria Airstrikes Vote YouTube

A great speech dissected

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camerons pr blunder

Cameron’s PR ‘blunder’ – no third term

UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s comments, that if re-elected…

An irresistible metaphor

Media Coach trainers spend a great deal of time trying to persuade…
Torrential Rain

UK floods: Cameron’s press conference was straight out of the crisis communications handbook

David Cameron gave a textbook crisis management press conference…