Do journalists make good press officers? feature

Do Journalists Make Good Press Officers?

My short answer to this is: rarely I had a furious row with…
Leaders Should Show Emotion

Official: Leaders Should Show Emotion (Sparingly)

My 91-year-old mother was not impressed with King Charles III’s…
What PR People Will Do For You feature

What PR People Will Do For You and Why You Should Listen

As a senior leader, your PR team may feel like another species.…
Why are journalists so rude to PR people? Feature

Why are journalists so rude to PR people?

This weekend I read this on LinkedIn. “Working in PR is…
comms team feature

12 Ways to Prove you are a True Comms Professional

PR people are so often overworked and under-valued. One of the…
dominic cummings' lockdown

Dominic Cummings’ Lockdown Drive : Falling Foul of Fairness

Dominic Cummings’ lockdown drive may turn out to be a career-defining…
stay alert feature

Stay Alert – A Perfectly Good Message

'Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives' is the UK government’s…
PR roll

Greggs On A Roll

Fast-food chain Greggs is on a roll. A good PR roll. We so often…
things every press officer should have to hand

8 Things Every Press Officer Should Have To Hand

At the start of 2015, I wrote about the 7 things I thought every…
Nwws Management

News Management – the Brexit Deal Case Study

News Management is something we are going to be very aware of…