Kuznets curse

Kuznets’s Curse and a Cautionary Tale about the Power of Simplicity

Simon Kuznets invented modern GDP, or the way to measure the…
weaponising history feature

Stories Leaders Tell

Three things came together in my head this Monday morning: …

The most powerful element of any message….

When my parents married they were dirt poor.  My father had…
boomerang phrases,

Boomerang Phrases and the Art of Influence

There it is again, leading the news. I have lost count of the…

A Catch in the Throat

Watching Kamala Harris’ victory speech from my settee on the…
stay alert feature

Stay Alert – A Perfectly Good Message

'Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives' is the UK government’s…
using pictures

Using pictures to make your ideas memorable

Using pictures will help make your message memorable. This is…

Another Misspeak: Strachan Reminds us that Stream of Consciousness is Dangerous in a Media Interview

Another misspeak this week has landed a respected former football…
Is your message boring image

Is your Message Boring but Important? Important but Complicated?

Is your message boring or overly technical? What can you do to…

Metaphors for Persuasion

Metaphors are one of those things: the more you learn about them…