managing questions managing news feature

Managing Questions, Managing News

Aggressive questioning rarely comes more dramatically than was…
Media Interviews Feature

The Many Types of Media Interviews, and How Training Helps

The curse of knowledge means that while every press officer understands…
Chat Show Host Feature

Prime Minister as Chat Show Host: The Sunak Musk interview

I watched this interview with a huge sense of cynicism. I almost…
Christine Lagarde Feature

Lunch with Lagarde: the Art of the Profile Interview

I love a profile interview and this week's Lunch with the FT…
Merope Mills

Merope Mills: A Brilliant Interviewee with a Terrible Story

A moving account of the death of a 13-year-old in an NHS hospital…
New Press Conference Playbook?

Have you Spotted the New Press Conference Playbook?

Playing with one of the generative AI apps last week I put in:…
Media Interview feature

First Media Interview for a While? Our Basic Checklist

‘I have been media trained but it was a long time ago. The…

Doorstepping and How Not To Do It

Dealing with ‘doorstepping’ is difficult. But giving a…
Isabel Oakeshott Feature

Isabel Oakeshott, a Divisive but Impressive Interviewee

The publication in The Telegraph last week, of a series of stories…
Personal Questions feature

Why Journalists ask Personal Questions

Top of the list of questions that throw people in media interviews…