Not a Good Look for Someone Who Wants to be PM

Not a Good Look for Someone Who Wants to be PM

Paul Brand pointed out on Twitter last week what was obvious…
rehearse aloud

The One Simple Thing Most Presenters Don’t Do and Why You Should

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Refuse to answer a question on air

How to refuse to answer a question on air

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How to Speak Human…

‘Things could go crazy quickly.’ ‘That’s a world war…
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What the Bank of England Governor got so very wrong

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In media interviews, when you don’t want to be drawn, don’t draw!

Interviewers often receive a lot of stick about using unfair…
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When worlds collide: personal questions in public interviews

Being asked questions on TV or radio is daunting. You’re on…
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The Two Faces of a Negotiation

Brexit talks remind us that there are always two faces to negotiation.…
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Hostage to fortune: 20 thousand deaths would be ‘a good outcome’

The phrase ‘hostage to fortune’ is an English idiom which…
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Prince Andrew rolls the dice

Prince Andrew’s grilling by Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis is…