Learn to be Quotable

Learn to be Quotable and You Will Control the Headlines

As a media trainer, I am constantly urging people to be a little…
Rapport Feature

Do you know how to build rapport?

Rapport is that easy-going relationship which good speakers have…
speak human feature

Speaking human is a must-have skill

“We need people who speak human”. So said a Labour Party…
boomerang phrases,

Boomerang Phrases and the Art of Influence

There it is again, leading the news. I have lost count of the…
naming feature

Naming – A Misunderstood Art

Naming is very important. Name a trend, you own the trend. Name…
Journalists are not clients or customers

Journalists are not clients or customers – handle with care   

Journalists are not clients or customers and this seems to confuse…
Beast from the East

Beast from the East – Wrestling with the Comms

The Beast from the East gave Britain a whole host of challenges…

Crisis management: that’s the way to do it!

In my last blog for The Media Coach, I wrote about the importance…
media interviews

Media interviews: is fear of failure leading to missed opportunities?

Media interviews still evoke horror in many people because the…

5 reasons why LinkedIn is a ‘must’ for PR people

We at The Media Coach love LinkedIn. As a social media specialist,…