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Ten Tips for Surviving Aggressive Interviews

The tricks journalists use in an aggressive interview are small…
Tom Swarbrick feature in media interviews

In media interviews, when you don’t want to be drawn, don’t draw!

Interviewers often receive a lot of stick about using unfair…
Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan should know better: walking off set is never good

Piers Morgan is irascible, dogmatic and for me highly entertaining.…
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What I wish I had known 30 years ago …

I have been asked to share with a group of young people, future…
The two faces of negotiation

The Two Faces of a Negotiation

Brexit talks remind us that there are always two faces to negotiation.…
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Presenting online: lipstick and heels

‘I’ve got 5 minutes to air and I’ve still got two calls…
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Emily Maitlis – Airhead: Why all PRs should read it

Emily Maitlis has written a great light-hearted romp of a read…
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Tough Media Interviews – How To Prepare

Tough media interviews require proper preparation. There are…
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10 Top Tips for Trade Press Interviews

Trade press interviews are important for many businesses, they…
Top Tips for Surviving Aggressive Interviews

10 Tips for Handling Aggressive Interviews

Aggressive interviews are relatively rare and mostly reserved…