Politics as entertainment feature

Politics as Entertainment

For weeks now, politicians of all colours have been appearing…
Media Savvy Operators

Media Savvy Operators Know How to Place a Quote

An example of a carefully phrased quote came on Monday this week…
The Magic of Performance

The Magic of Performance

One of our recent trainees sent us this funny and thought-provoking…

Our Top Tips: Six Quick Reads on Principles You Won’t Easily Find Elsewhere

We have been blogging since 2014! That is ten years. There are…
Talk of War

Talk of War: Worried Leaders Walk a Tightrope

Last week French President Emmanuel Macron gave a two-hour speech,…
All Presenters Need a Critical friend Feature

All Presenters Need a Critical Friend

Continually evaluating your PowerPoint presentations is important. …
Mick Lynch

Why Mick Lynch is Right to be Wary of Pre-recorded Interviews

I heard a great interview this week with Mick Lynch of the RMT.…
Prince Andrew feature

Takeaways from Netflix Scoop: The Prince Andrew Interview

Newsnight’s Prince Andrew interview made headlines around the…

Kate Shows How to Read Autocue

Catherine Princess of Wales made a very modern statement last…
Get More From Your Spokespeople feature

Five Ways to Get More From Your Spokespeople

As someone who until recently worked as Head of Media, I know…