Wrong Note, Right Place

Wrong Note, Right Place

If the act of presenting and public speaking effectively is difficult…
PowerPoint presenters

What PowerPoint Presenters can Learn from Tour Guides

Let me introduce you to Vic. He’s a tour guide. And…
Voice Privilege feature

Is There Such a Thing as Voice Privilege?

I was rather taken aback to read an article in the FT this week…
dealing with presentation nerves

Dealing with Presentation Nerves

Lots of people suffer some presentation nerves. Some suffer terribly.…

Mind the gap – getting rid of “Ums” and “Ers”

As a voice coach, one of the most frequently asked questions…
Presentation Feature

5 Tips for Delivering a Good Presentation with a Bad Slide Deck

‘Please can you help us improve our pitch – but, by the way,…
authoritative feature

7 tips for appearing more authoritative as a woman

About half the women we train struggle to sound as authoritative…
party conference speeches

Party conference speeches and the power of the pause

Party conference speeches from the party leaders are the big…
presentation training

A Minute With The Media Coach: Presentation Training

We are continuing our summer holiday mode and instead of our…
what not to do when making a presentation

5 Things Not to Do When Making a Presentation

This is a quick mini-post: revision notes for those that have…