Mick Lynch

Why Mick Lynch is Right to be Wary of Pre-recorded Interviews

I heard a great interview this week with Mick Lynch of the RMT.…

Kate Shows How to Read Autocue

Catherine Princess of Wales made a very modern statement last…
Feel the Fear feature

Public Speaking: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

I have recently bought a motorhome. The fear of driving it for…
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Five Ways to Get More From Your Spokespeople

As someone who until recently worked as Head of Media, I know…
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Think Twice Before you Declare a Crisis

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held a shock press…
Powerful spokespeople

The Most Powerful Spokespeople Have a Story Behind Them

The dignity and pain of Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Russian opposition…
Wrong Note, Right Place

Wrong Note, Right Place

If the act of presenting and public speaking effectively is difficult…
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Managing Questions, Managing News

Aggressive questioning rarely comes more dramatically than was…
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Why Business Presentations Should Be More Like Stand-up Comedy

It’s a bold claim, but one which I stand by: business presentations…
Making messages meaningful feature

Making messages meaningful – the art of getting quoted

One of the core principles at The Media Coach is for media interviewees…