Crafted quotes feature

Choosing Words to Feed the News Monster

Craft your quotes before you go anywhere near a journalist. Use…
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Great Media Quotes

Great media quotes are often carefully crafted and designed to…
Controlling the quote Robert Hannigan

Controlling the Quote in Media Interviews

Controlling the quote is not something that can be guaranteed…
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The Art of the Quote: Sizzle with Care

The art of the quote and the power of a good one is something…
How to avoid unplanned headlines

How to avoid unplanned headlines

How to avoid unplanned headlines: do not criticise using a metaphor,…
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Shock horror: simple language reaches people

The news that a bunch of academics, have shown that Donald…
getting media interview basics right

Remember to get the basics right

You’d think that being the chairman of a high-profile group…

The Greek crisis in soundbites: this week’s top 5

Greece has been getting our attention at The Media Coach this…
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The dangers of sizzle without evidence

As a lesson in self publicity, it was exemplary. But the backlash…

The words you think make you interesting to journalists are anything but

When, if ever, is it acceptable to describe something as…