For Leaders in Lockdown: Arnie shows how to deliver a script

If you haven’t seen this Arnie movie I recommend it right now.…

Jeremy Hunt Sets Tongues Wagging with USSR Metaphor

When is a metaphor ‘inappropriate’?  This is my question…
writing a speech

Writing a Speech – Forget Good Grammar

Writing a speech? There are some tips to be gleaned by reading…
Election and other bits and bobs

Election and other bits and bobs

It’s election time -  unexpectedly – in the UK. This gives…
trump Mike Licht CC by 2.0

Shock horror: simple language reaches people

The news that a bunch of academics, have shown that Donald…
Hilary Benn s Impassioned Speech Ahead Of Syria Airstrikes Vote YouTube

A great speech dissected

The speech of the week in the UK was without doubt the one by…

Juncker disappoints: We want more from EU speakers

This article first appeared on Hearings. Digital-Diplomacy. EU What…
Brussels Speaking

The Brussels challenge: how to deliver better speeches

On Wednesday 9th September, Jean-Claude Juncker will deliver…