rsz coronavirus communications

Coronavirus Communications – PM could do better, a lot better

Coronavirus communications from the government are being scrutinised…
Jacinda Ardern Image

Jacinda Ardern: Political Leader with a Strong Compass

Jacinda Ardern, it appears, has set the gold standard for how…
getting out in front of the story

Getting Out in Front of the Story: Bezos Case Study

‘Getting out in front of the story’ is a phrase that comes…
Oxfam Crisis Goldring

Oxfam Crisis notes

Oxfam is in crisis. There must be a whole book of ‘lessons’…
crisis management

Crisis Management Uber style: keep quiet and cover it up

Crisis management best practice dictates that, if the worst happens,…
crisis management

What not to do in a crisis? Follow Ryanair’s example of crisis management!

Crisis management is stressful but not usually difficult. When…
Twitter and PR

Twitter and PR: Crisis, Trump and Trolls

Twitter and PR are now, in my view, inseparable. Preparing material…
crisis communication lesson for david cameron

Cameron’s Crisis Communication Lesson

Many a good crisis communication lesson is never shared, or the…
Torrential Rain

UK floods: Cameron’s press conference was straight out of the crisis communications handbook

David Cameron gave a textbook crisis management press conference…