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How Journalists Use Logical Fallacies

There are a number of well-known logical fallacies, tricks or devices used by journalists to get a better story, or a more interesting interview. If you are going to be a media spokesperson and haven’t heard the term ‘logical fallacy’ it’s worth getting to grips with its meaning. A fallacy in this context is the […]

The Most Important Media Interviews This Year

Anyone who thinks learning to manage a media interview is a rather self-indulgent and unnecessary skill should pause and consider the pressure on Jeremy Hunt in the last couple of days. On Friday, he was apparently resigned to a quiet life on the back benches: on Saturday he was doing live TV interviews, knowing that […]

Don’t Trust Journalists to Communicate Risk

Sharing a risk assessment with the media must be one of the most frustrating PR missions there can be. You can guarantee you will not like the headline! Here are a selection of headlines prompted by the National Grid sharing it’s Winter Outlook report. Daily Mail: Britain Battles to Keep the lights on – National grid […]

Dealing with Presentation Nerves

Lots of people suffer some presentation nerves. Some suffer terribly. There are dozens of strategies for dealing with the stress of presenting, speaking in public or doing a media interview. Here are mine. Simple steps Rehearse aloud Research your audience as much as possible If it is a media interview, read what the journalist has […]

Official: Leaders Should Show Emotion (Sparingly)

My 91-year-old mother was not impressed with King Charles III’s first address to the nation last Friday. ‘What was wrong with it?’ I asked ‘Not very kingly.’ ‘You mean too emotional? ‘Yes. Sentimental and emotional. That is not his job!’ My mother belongs to a dying generation where a stiff upper lip really meant something. […]

Let the Women Speak

We have a new Prime Minister – the third UK female prime minister. Some will love her, others will hate her, but it it’s another step forward for equality of opportunity in the UK. That said, and despite the recent diversity on UK front benches, we are still missing out on hearing the voices of […]

What PR People Will Do For You and Why You Should Listen

As a senior leader, your PR team may feel like another species. You may be slightly suspicious that they do not truly back your enthusiasm for something. You may wonder why they are paid so much. The wider world remains sceptical that PR people do anything useful; they tend to be treated as passengers, and […]

Truss v. Sunak: Takeaway Lessons

Plenty of others are commenting on the political implications and the relative merits of the two candidates for party leader and prime minister in last night’s debate. As you’d expect, I was watching with a more specialist lens. Before going further, I would say these debates are incredibly difficult for the candidates and a small […]

The Short Goodbye

Whatever you think of the political reality, and the extraordinary events that led to more than 50 ministers resigning from his government, Boris Johnson’s resignation statement was well written and – given the circumstances – extremely well delivered. It was also short and to the point. For those of us who present or speak in […]