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Media Savvy Operators Know How to Place a Quote

An example of a carefully phrased quote came on Monday this week with the publication of the report of the 5-year inquiry into the infected blood scandal. The Chair of the inquiry Sir Brian Langstaff writes that the cover-up of the scandal by the NHS and the government was ‘subtle, pervasive and chilling’. Anyone watching […]

The Magic of Performance

One of our recent trainees sent us this funny and thought-provoking Ted Talk, that illustrates what you can do with your tone, your movements and your mannerisms to enhance your message. In this case, there is no message except perhaps that speakers have a wide range of communication tools that stretch way beyond the words […]

Talk of War: Worried Leaders Walk a Tightrope

Last week French President Emmanuel Macron gave a two-hour speech, warning that Europe must wake up to the risk of war. It was clear he wanted to make headlines across the continent. At the Media Coach, we often suggest using metaphor to make an argument more powerful and more quotable. Often non-native speakers say ‘We […]

Takeaways from Netflix Scoop: The Prince Andrew Interview

Newsnight’s Prince Andrew interview made headlines around the world and led to him stepping down from public life. The new Netflix drama-documentary about how the interview came about and the part played by Sam McAlister – documented in her book Scoops – is an excellent couple of hours entertainment. The book is also a good […]

Kate Shows How to Read Autocue

Catherine Princess of Wales made a very modern statement last week, to tell the world she is having chemotherapy, as cancer was found present in her recent surgery. Rather than a written missive, the Princess casually dressed in a jumper, recorded a short video in a spring garden. While it might not be obvious to […]

Public Speaking: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

I have recently bought a motorhome. The fear of driving it for the first time was paralysing. The thought of parking it caused me to wake up in a cold sweat on more than one occasion. But after a few outings, I have got used to it and now realise it is easier to drive […]

Think Twice Before you Declare a Crisis

Last Wednesday, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak held a shock press conference to denounce mob rule and threats to democracy on the streets of Britain. For a previously mildly spoken technocrat this was a big departure. The statement appeared to be prompted by the Rochdale by-election which everyone admits was messy. But whilst it is clear […]

The Most Powerful Spokespeople Have a Story Behind Them

The dignity and pain of Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, made her speech at the Munich Security Conference incredibly powerful. She then updated her message and criticism of the regime on video, to ensure it reached as many people as possible. Someone, I assume, who is not used to public speaking, […]