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How to Perform on Camera: The Berocca Way

Working with The Media Coach and other Mediacrews clients, I often find myself coaching people on how to come across well in front of a video camera. Everyone needs both energy and confidence or as Lindsay often explains,  ‘Warmth, Authority and Animation’. To do that on camera requires an unfamiliar set of skills.   When you […]

Why Jackets Work Well on TV

During broadcast media training with The Media Coach one of the most common questions a cameraman will get is, “what do I wear on TV?” That usually means what colours work best, should I wear a patterned blouse or shirt or (for men) should I wear a tie, etc. But I can tell you, the […]

Many Colours

What were the colours of Joseph’s Coat? Well, according to lyricist Tim Rice, in the score of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat  they started “Red and yellow and green and brown, scarlet and black and ochre and peach, ruby and olive and violet and fawn…” I won’t go on as there are 33 […]

Can we film with social distance? Five tips from our NHS filming

Can we film with social distance? This is a question that is now being asked in every professional production meeting and will be for the foreseeable future. A question that had previously probably never been formulated, perhaps with the exception of wildlife filming. It is also a relevant question for corporations and large organisations, all now […]

Shooting Video for the Web: Another Angle

Shooting video for the web in-house is increasingly part of ‘business as usual’ for all sorts of organisations that need a professional, engaging online presence. Technology means that simple videos don’t need a professional cameraman. However, a little knowledge can go a long way to give a more professional feel to your films. The Challenge: […]

Great Media Quotes

Great media quotes are often carefully crafted and designed to catch the headlines – but not always. The MD of The Media Coach, Lindsay Williams, likes to remind her clients that speaking at the top of the ‘Language Ladder’, as she calls it, won’t get you quoted in the press and might actually lead to […]