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How to bring numbers to life

I am posting here a link to a brilliant bit of radio that brings to life the impact of the Syrian civil war by relating it to the UK. The opening sentence gives you a chilling flavour of what is to come. “Say you are one of the two and a half million people who […]

An irresistible metaphor

Media Coach trainers spend a great deal of time trying to persuade serious business people to use metaphor. Metaphor makes simple ideas more fun and more memorable – or to use our jargon ‘stickier’. A ‘sticky’ message is the best sort! David Cameron’s private and embarrassing use of the word ‘purred’ in the same sentence […]

UK floods 2: be careful what you sizzle

  As my colleague Laura Shields has already noted, there was much to praise about the UK Prime Minister’s handling of the press conference in response to the rising flood waters along the banks of the Thames this week. But there were problems too – including the choice of which message David Cameron chose to […]