Media Training Presentation TrainingThe Media Coach is based in London and Brussels. We travel widely to deliver media and presentation training all over the world including the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Our associates deliver training in English, Spanish and Russian.

Our job is to help people communicate quickly and effectively. We do this by training them to use a range of tools and techniques.

Whether it is internally or externally, through presentations training, media training or learning how to use social media, we can help: and we know you will both enjoy and be challenged by the experience.

We are a group of trained journalists with deep and wide experience of working with businesses and large organisations.  We take time and trouble to understand your particular challenges.

Our essential media training and presentation training events are always bespoke and range from one-to-one sessions for just a few hours, to 4 to 5 day courses for large groups of people. We deliver training courses wherever the client needs us.

Media Training Courses

We run courses that introduce the basic tools used in media training, to top up people’s knowledge, rehearse for specific media interviews or help prepare for the big press event or launch.

Smart PR people know that weeks of hard work can be undone by a spokesperson who wants to ‘wing-it’ or  who doesn’t engage. The best way to grab attention in a busy environment is to rehearse in front of a professional TV camera.

We also offer executive media training to those who have been promoted or taken on a new role and suddenly find that media engagement is part of their job description. That’s where we come in.

Media interview training or message building can be used to tidy up or flesh out messages. Our trainers can help whether you are starting with a blank sheet of paper or already have messages but want them tested, fleshed out and made journalist-friendly.

Presentation Training

Some of the most dramatic improvements we ever see are in presentations, which can be transformed from dull corporate monologues to first-rate, interactive communication.

Whether it’s a presentation to the regulator,  a potential new client or for internal communications, we will work with the presenter to help make it clear, memorable and entertaining.

As journalists who have worked at the highest level in financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies and for highly technical engineering products, our business knowledge often surprises people.

International Experience

We run media training and presentation courses across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia. Laura Shields is based in Brussels and has particular insight into the issues and complications of the ‘Brussels village’ and how it relates to the EU as a whole.

Our international experience means we can easily adapt to training non-native English speakers. One of our team can also train in Russian and Portuguese, and we plan to offer French, Dutch and Spanish soon.